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Accessibility Statement

At The Fairfax Hotel Skegness


Kathleen Milward, owner of The Fairfax Hotel, is committed to ensuring everything in her power is done to assist anyone with physical or mobility problems to have as comfortable and enjoyable stay as possible.

• Telephone, letter and email and online availability
• Alternative format information available on request
• Large print
• Website accessibility
• Access statement available in different formats / places
• Information about public transport and routes, types of public transport, distance, accessibility
• Distance to town centre and shops (walking and by car/public transport)
• Details of collection service available for guests/visitors from local area
• Nearest shop-mobility scheme and details
• Nearest equipment hire services
• Locality of Radar toilets in the local town/area
• Availability of accessible taxis
Details of suitability of rooms for guests with mobility impairment / visual / hearing impairment who are accompanied or unaccompanied - with particular emphasis on the safety of all our guests)
Arrival & Car Parking Facilities
• There is a small car park at the front of the building, and also to the rear
• There is a maximum of 10 places available, however the cars are close together and may hinder access to and from the car. We recommend alighting and access to the car before parking the car and where possible park on the right hand side of the car park as this allows the most manoeuvrability. Please note there are no designated disabled parking bays.
• We are sorry we cannot reserve car parking spaces but we can ask other guests to leave the parking bay for guests whose needs are greatest.
• We would be happy to assist any guest from parking/car park to entrance
• The car park surface is concrete
• There is normally enough rear access to a vehicle once it is parked.
• There is a contact phone number displayed on the signage to the front of the property
• There is a door bell situated at the top of the 4 inch entrance step on the left hand side of the door about 4 feet up from the floor. Please telephone us on 01754 763690 if you need any assistance. We are happy to make arrangements with you regarding your arrival over the phone or via email prior to your stay.
• There is lighting either side of the front door which lights up the steps and the car park. It also helps guests to locate the door bell and the key hole.
• There is 1 step of 4 inches in height up to the main door into our Guest House. Unfortunately, there are currently no ramps available. The step is 4 feet wide.
Main Entrance, Reception & Ticketing Area
• We do not have an alternative entrance.
• Once through the front door there is a large heavy fully double glazed inner door. However, this door will be opened by ourselves on answering the door bell. There is a coir hair mat at the door entrance then carpet covers the rest of the hallway and stairs.
• There is adequate lighting in the hall and on all the stairs
• We can provide limited assistance to our guests, but we are not able to lift.
• Music is only provided by way of a television in the breakfast room and can be turned down on request.
• There is a pad / pen available on the reception desk.
• Additional keys to rooms are available on request.
• We do not have restricted opening hours. Guests are issued with a main door key along with their room key. All we ask is that guests show consideration for others during their stay with us, both in the communal areas and within their own room.
• The Reception desk is a padded curved desk and situated and the bottom of the stairs on the right hand side of the main hall. Its height is approximately 94cm high with good lighting. There is a bell situated on the desk for guests to attract our attention and will be shown to guests on arrival.
• The floor is level throughout the entrance and reception and the width is 106com leading to the dining area
• We can provide water and eating bowls for service dogs on request.
• There is another door off the reception area which leads to our private lounge.
Public Areas - Sitting room, lounges, lobbies etc
• The main hall is accessed through manual doors as are all the bedroom doors.
• Emergency procedures are explained on a notice and on the back of each bedroom door and on all floors
• All guests are asked to meet at a safe distance in front of the property so that we can instantly assess whether everyone is safely out of the building. Other methods of this notice can be provided if requested.
• The house is on 3 levels and the public have access to all the levels. The bedrooms are situated on the first and second floor.
• All the flooring is carpeted including the stairs.
• We do offer free access to Wi-fi. Guests must request the code from us.
• We can provide for working dogs - water bowl, food bowls can be provided on request. Dogs can be walked nearby and details of walks can be provided on request.
Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Bar area
• The dining room has 7 tables and 22 chairs plus a sideboard along part of one wall which has the cereal dispensers and juice jugs.
• All the seating & tables are moveable, all the same design and shape although tables may be put together if larger parties are staying.
• Details about the breakfast is given to all guests on arrival
• Any allergies or special dietary requirements are ascertained on arrival or during booking of accommodation.
• The whole building is non - smoking
• The dining room is situated on the ground floor. It is fully carpeted
• The main course of breakfast is waitress served. Cereals and fruit juice is self service but could be served on request.
Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas
• There are 15 steps to the first floor, they are 86 cm wide, fully carpeted with hand rails on both sides and 13 steps to the second floor
• If the fire alarm is a bell ringing. Anyone with hearing difficulties will be told face to face of any problems.
• There are TVs in all bedrooms.
• The flooring is carpeted throughout.
• There is a high ceiling light in the room plus two bedside lights either side of the double bed plus a light above the single bed.
• We would be happy to print any of our literature or notices in large print if requested.
• The entrance to the bedroom is level no steps or ramps apart from a 10 cm step up to rooms 6 & 7 which also have a 10 cm step into the room
• There is an electric kettle with a clear strip to show how much water is in it on the hospitality tray.
• Rooms will be serviced daily.
• Staff assistance/familiarisation tour - is it offered on request
• Please let us know of any allergies you have to enable to make any necessary changes to your room.
• Please notify us if you are assisted by a dog so that we can make arrangements for it.
Additional Information
• Evacuation procedures are provided in all rooms.
• We are happy to assist you with hiring of any equipment which would help you’re stay. wheelchair, equipment, etc
• We are happy to accommodate working dogs who are well behaved.
• The Guest house operates a complete No Smoking policy but has a smoking area to the front and to follow will be an area leading from the dining room onto a balcony.
• We are happy to reduce background noise if requested.
• We will make reduction of charges for carers and where possible accommodated carers as close to you.
• You are welcome to store any medication or special dietary foods in our fridge providing the box is secure and clearly marked.

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